Excuses for hate
Herry / Herry
If anyone would catch me,
would I get out alive
The reason that I did this for
was to help them to survive

Yesterday went wrong for me and now I've got to run
Chased forever, they won't stop until they see me hung
Going through a mindscape was a thing I won't forget
Going through a mindscape was something I can't forget

Stood upon the barricades
Couldn't keep my big mouth shut
But no one took a listen
So I had to cry for blood

People do not understand the anger that I feel
Don't wanna change the world, but this pain is for real
What I did is wrong, maybe? But nothing compared to them
The way that they treat animals is far more inhuman

Two boys were convicted for a crime they commit
But their crime was an action against inhuman shit
They took a change for the improvement of other lives
But the odds were bad and the stakes were high
The judge didn't wanna know about their excuses for hate
He was longing for his dinner, a big juicy steak!