Below Zero Attitude
Daan / Daan
Think I'm a kind person
no fake emotions
Now you deny me
my own choices

Say I have false feelings
You say that I lie
that I'm phony
Stop those useless cries!

Let me tell it's fine with me
if you attack my little attitude
Because what you just fail to see
is your own below-zero attitude

I will keep my ways
No change from me
don't care what you say
see things the way I see

My views are not yours
you don't notice
we don't feel the same
my live's not as yours is

Don't understand the game you play
you want me on my knees?
maybe one of these days
maybe you will see

I have my faults and my mistakes
Stop your screams and shouts
Don't you try to dictate me
I stand tall and proud

So please leave me now you can
if you don't like my thoughts
I don't harass you, quit it now
You're below-zero