Neo Apathy
Herry / Jan
The rebirth of old theories
Creates a false logic to your faith
Anxiety raised a smokescreen in your troubled mind
Justify new kinds of hate

Close your eyes to reason
Search the web to find your proof
Too much info... Can you tell right from wrong?
You just collect your own truth

Call me stupid
Call me blind
Then you say I look away
Your anxiety - leads to neo-apathy
Prejudice - creates neo-apathy

Manufacturing conscience
Media feeds you plenty hoaxes
You create your facts based on emotion
But my emotion comes from facts

Anxiety raised a smokescreen in your troubled mind
Justifying new flavours of hate

So you say I look away, right?
Well let me tell you about looking away
I bet you don't wanna know where that steak comes from
Cos it might just spoil your appetite
And you don't want to know who made your sneakers
And the blood on the jewelry for your wife
And your iPhone looks so cool on you
So who cares about those chinese
So You say I look away
when you look away on so many levels